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The past two weeks have been busy for Project Delta Whiskey. We embarked on our first oversees trip to the U.S.A to attend Operation Stonebreaker and formally meet the team from 1 Legion Milsim. The event itself was a huge success, we met many new people, as well as some familiar faces!

Real steel shooting day 🇺🇸 💯 💪

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We Are Excited Because We’re British…

During our time away, we also got the amazing opportunity to shoot some real guns. Being from the UK, and obsessed with guns anyway, you can imagine how excited we were! Arranged by our close friend, Superfly, we headed to York, Pennsylvania, 700 miles north of our current location in South Carolina for an unforgettable day on the range. The following video sums up our time on the range showcasing a live fire kill-house drill we ran, simulating a real-life hostage situation.

Our durable hoodies put up with the conditions

We talk a lot about how durable our hoodies are and how they can easily put up with varying conditions you may come across. We felt this was the perfect opportunity to test them out, after all Pennsylvania was -2°C on that particular day. But man, did they exceed our expectations.

Now, not only are our hoodies very comfortable, but they’re thick. And by thick, I mean 280gsm thick. Weighted a lot heavier than your average hoodie, and much more durable than most commercial branded pullovers, it was incredibly important to us that the end product lived up to our expectations before we marketed them to our customers. We wan drills at the range for the best part of 4 hours, wearing only a t-shirt and our hoodies to protect us from the elements. With our Pentagon jackets at the ready, we were expecting to last an hour before we brought them out. 4 hours later and all of us where more than cosy in our hoodies, without an issues we continued through the session without layering up any further.

Old School Pullover Hoodie Rear 1 954x1024 - Live Fire Kill House Drill GLOCK 17

For more information on our hoodies and some of our best sellers, you can find them here:

A huge thank you to Superfly, and the rest of the team at 1 Legion Milsim for the amazing week. Your hospitality has not gone un-noticed and we truly hope we can provide the same level of hospitality if you visit the UK in the future.

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