PROJECT DELTA WHISKEY is making final preparations for a first international visit. Where? The Land of the Free, that’s where.

Operation STONEBREAKER is a 3 day milsim event being hosted by Third Coast Airsoft in Barnwell, South Carolina. Dan Wiggins, founder of Project Delta Whiskey has been given the opportunity to fly out to the states to take part in the event and represent as PDW… making our first international appearance. Heading to the states with Dan are two PDW Ambassadors, Axe & GreySkull.

How This Happened

This fantastic opportunity came to the surface shortly after we recruited our first Ambassador in the US. Enter, 1Legion Milsim. From day one, discussion of PDW travelling to the states to meet the guys from 1Legion was on the tip of our tongues, until we came to the realisation… why don’t we just do it? So… we did. Project Delta Whiskey will be taking a trip from the UK to USA in March, 2017, to South Carolina to take part in Operation Stonebreaker in conjunction with 1Legion Milsim.

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Our Plans

We fly from Manchester Airport, on the 15th March 2017 first to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, then on-wards to Charleston International Airport. From Charleston, we will spend a night in the city, using a hire car to get us around. After, we drive ourselves down to Barnwell, where Operation Stonebreaker will be taking place. You may recognise the location for OP Stonebreaker… it has been featured several times in many YouTube videos, most famously, in Jet Desert Fox Airsoft game play series for American Milsim: Faded Giant 2.

We will be in South Carolina for only one week. The 15th – 22nd of March, to be exact. In that time, we intend to meet face to face with some of the guys from 1Legion Milsim, hit up some real steal gun stores and airsoft shops alike. As well as travelling around, and visiting some areas. We will be documenting the entire journey, filming our every move – so don’t worry… you won’t miss a thing.

Operation Stonebreaker

Operation Stonebreaker will take place at an abandoned nuclear waste recycling site, which has been repurposed for use as a Government Training Institute (GTI) for more information, you can refer to their website –

“In the aftermath of SERIOUS VIKING, Eastern Empire Forces look at the Juck Industrial Region for resupply of vital war material, Western Coalition Forces have taken the break in fighting to reconsolidate and prepare for a thrust into the Juck Industrial Region. Both sides prepare for an offensive.”


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PDW will be running on green team for the milsim… if you recognize us whilst we’re there, come and say hi.

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